We regret to announce

The London Festival of Rope Art has been a team effort since its conception. All decisions (performers, teachers, policies and vetting) were reached by the entire team collaboratively. LFRA was conceived with the intention to continue growing the recognition of London as a centre of learning and performance in the global rope scene.

Unfortunately one member of our team has come under a level of sustained harassment which is totally unacceptable. Rather than suffer further, Clover has withdrawn from the event. To better support her at this time her partner, Wykd_Dave, has significantly scaled back his own involvement.

We deeply regret the loss of two people who have been the driving force behind bringing London the finest international performers.

To further remove the festival from personal conflict we are withdrawing our invitation and complimentary tickets to ESINEM.

We will not invite conflict and personal issues being brought to the festival. The festival has no interest in being used as a platform for individual conflicts and only seeks to bring you all an enjoyable and exciting weekend.

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