Towa san speaks on rope.

Towa and partner. Emotional Japanese bondage performance
Towa and partner. Emotional Japanese bondage performance

Hello, I will go soon to London to participate to “LFRA” : it is the major festival of rope in England. I’ve been invited to do rope shows and a workshop. I’m very looking forward to share this moment with all the rope lovers.
I’ve always understood all the amazing possibilities with this discipline.

This is not only torture or pleasure but this is friendship and love sharing, release and healing of the heart, and an art form as well. These new meanings have appeared into Kinbaku by evolving in time.

Then, this has to be understood in this modern actual style of kinbaku. What important is, if we want to enjoy this discipline : “creating a root”, who we are tying ( a partner, a friend, a stranger, a sub?), and the intention ( is this for play, or for a photo shoot, or for show?), and of course, to be able to do this, we need to do it cautiously, with a lot of care, with stable rope skills, knowledge and techniques.

Every time we do rope, we are obtaining a result thankful to the connection between people. By thinking of the one we are tying, we can create real kinbaku and not only ties for decoration or a shape with ropes.

What I really care for, is “people’s sensations”. We don’t need to change the shape so often. Even one single rope can be efficient to make someone feel, depending how we tie, the placement, the speed, the strength, all these things which can just slightly change the sensations.

With all of these things, we can create a complete session of kinbaku, by reading someone else emotions, from the beginning of the tie, until the end when we untie.

It is crucial to think about the tension that can be fit the person first, by avoiding as much as we can, all the useless risks, to create a pleasurable experience for the one tied. This is what I love to do.

I’m really looking forward to meet you and share this passion for kinbaku, very soon in London.

Thank you and see you at the LFRA!

See the link below for the tickets >>>

You can buy both beginner (2 days) tickets and advanced (3 days) tickets in addition to the full course (5 days) tickets.

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