Towa Master-classes additional tickets. (Beginner)

Thanks to your feedback we’re introducing additional tickets for the Towa San master-classes.

You can now buy both beginner (2 days) tickets and advanced (3 days) tickets in addition to the full course (5 days) tickets.

First day:

The transmission of the basics of Kinbaku : chest harness
How to wrap, to create knots, changing the rhythm.

Advanced people can create many style of decorations.
Learning how decoration can become an efficient ‘threat point’ (stimulation of pressure points)

Second day:

How to create flow during a play with the Chest harness, leg and the body in general. Playing by imagining using more or less ropes and how the situation could change. Limiting the use of the suspension lines at only two maximum, and creating a threat (predicament) on the floor. Shibari of the hair.


For the duration of all these classes there is a native Japanese and French speaking translator with excellent English and who is also a bondage enthusiast herself and therefore fully familiar with the bondage lexicon.

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