Towa Master-classes additional tickets. (Advanced)

Thanks to your feedback we’re introducing additional tickets for the Towa San master-classes.

You can now buy both beginner (2 days) tickets and advanced (3 days) tickets in addition to the full course (5 days) tickets.

Advanced class (30th Sept – 2nd Oct)

First day (Third day of full week) :

Suspension work. Tying many positions in the air. Thinking about the flow and analysing  transitions (floor / air)

Second day (Fourth day of full week):

Aerial transitions. Vertical to horizontal. From diagonal to up side down. From diagonal the back side. From back side to upside down. One leg upside down to waist upside down to semi circular suspension. Upside down to upward position. this exercise consist to do all these following transitions one by one and do is with the flow. We will see the transition related to the threat and for safety.

Exercise of lift. One shot lift, graduated lift, up and down…
We will study the flow of the lift.

Third day (Fifth day of full week):

After having observed all the elements and have analysed it, we will study the missing elements. How to untie properly, how to tease, understanding of why we should take some time, leaving some moment of non-action, and we’ll see another kind of threat during a suspension.


For the duration of all these classes there is a native Japanese and French speaking translator with excellent English and who is also a bondage enthusiast herself and therefore fully familiar with the bondage lexicon.

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