Towa Master class Translation!

TowaOne of the past problems of a master class with an international presenter is the language barrier. This has particularly been a problem with Japanese presenters.

At the Towa san master class at the LFRA Towa’s class will have a translator who is a native Japanese speaker, a native French speaker and 100% fluent in English.

Not only that but our translator is also a bondage enthusiast and therefore absolutely familiar with bondage terms and idiom in all these languages.

Book with the confidence to know that in Japanese, English and French (and some German). Nothing will be lost in translation.

Master class

Tickets for the festival and Towa san’s 5 day master class can be found here.

5 days of workshop

First day:

The transmission of the basics of Kinbaku : chest harness
How to wrap, to create knots, changing the rhythm.

Advanced people can create many style of decorations.
Learning how decoration can become an efficient ‘threat point’ (stimulation of pressure points)

Second day:

How to create flow during a play with the Chest harness, leg and the body in general. Playing by imagining using more or less ropes and how the situation could change. Limiting the use of the suspension lines at only two maximum, and creating a threat (predicament) on the floor. Shibari of the hair.

Third day :

Suspension work. Tying many positions in the air. Thinking about the flow and analysing  transitions (floor / air)

Fourth day:

Aerial transitions. Vertical to horizontal. From diagonal to up side down. From diagonal the back side. From back side to upside down. One leg upside down to waist upside down to semi circular suspension. Upside down to upward position. this exercise consist to do all these following transitions one by one and do is with the flow. We will see the transition related to the threat and for safety.

Exercise of lift. One shot lift, graduated lift, up and down…
We will study the flow of the lift.

Fifth day:

After having observed all the elements and have analysed it, we will study the missing elements. How to untie properly, how to tease, understanding of why we should take some time, leaving some moment of non-action, and we’ll see another kind of threat during a suspension.

During the 5 days and during the whole process of the workshop we will see the similarities and dissimilarities between “SM and Kinbaku” , “rhythm and non action“, study what is a “brain orgasm”, analyse the Japanese traditional Kinbaku, and the difference with the modern age Kinbaku, Kinbaku dedicated for photography, motion and art.

Tickets for the festival and Towa san’s 5 day master class can be found here.

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