Life drawing with Singing Tree

SingingTree has been a professional artist and art teacher for the past 10 years. His paintings and illustrations covers a wide range of subject matters, many within the kinky and fetish spectrum.

He sees the traditional form of 2 dimensional art a great device for expression. Through an established style and attention to the realms beyond flesh, he tries to capture those unique moments that leaves a wake in both the subject and viewer’s mind.

“I try to give my bondage and fetish art the treatment of poetry. That is, it’s not about what’s said, rather what’s not said that creates the impression and illusion. Visual art occupies our primary sensory ability, yet it can trigger experiences beyond just what one sees. As the artist I merely say something with the strokes and pixels to plant an idea, as a viewer you are doing the rest of work to complete more than just an image. It is through that, a piece of art is rendered unique to every individual, for the viewer takes a part of self to blend with an idea, therefore granting it life.”

SingingTree will be running a drawing workshop to introduce a different wavelength in observing and participating bondage, an art form that connects the body and mind.

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