LFRA Photographers

At many events featuring performance in the past it’s been very hit and miss on which performers got lots of good images and which sometimes got nothing!

That’s why the First London Festival of Rope Art has 3 excellent official photographers all of whom have committed to provide 10 images from each performance and to provide finished images within an agreed time from the date of the festival.

The hit and miss, un-organised nature of photography at many events has often resulted in an unfair feast or famine situation for performers. We wanted to create a situation where all performers could be assured of fair treatment. We’d like to thank all the excellent photographers that are making this happen.

Here are the photographers for the LFRA 2015.

Tony Morales

I am an experienced photographer based in the DFW area. My style of shooting varies from models, to events and concerts. I love to tell the story one frame at a time. Recently, I have worked independently at several lifestyle events, providing coverage photos from the event’s sessions to photographing the closing parties..

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Amaury Grisel

“I have always sought to escape conformism by working on atypical subjects, though photography is merely a symptom of my explorations. My work can be violent and disturbing but it is in fact only the reflection of a self-censored society, afraid of its own perversions.”

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Please note that other than the events official photographers, photography is strictly prohibited at the festival.

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