Photographer profiles

Amaury Grisel


“I have always sought to escape conformism by working on atypical subjects, though photography is merely a symptom of my explorations. My work can be violent and disturbing but it is in fact only the reflection of a self-censored society, afraid of its own perversions.”

Amaury Grisel lives and works in Paris, where he is a rising figure of erotic and BDSM art. For over 5 years now, he has specialised in the art and discipline of Shibari/Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage). Since its creation, he has collaborated in particular with ‘Place des Cordes’, a venue dedicated to the practice of Shibari in Paris.
Besides his performances and photography, he is also a film director and has presented his work in various independent film festivals around the world. His taste for imperfect and minimalistic environments to stage and capture elements of fantasies accentuates both the graphic and spiritual impact of their imagery.
Amaury stands beyond the scope; bound to ropes but freed from any restrictive codes and taboos, pain turns into poetry. Body and soul, giving back its noble sense to Exultance.

Tony Morales


Hello! I am Tony and I am from Texas. I am a photographer and not just someone that picked up a camera and starting shooting yesterday. My career goes back more than 30 years ago when I began to admire the story that pictures told. Soon after, I appropriated my family’s camera and never gave it back. Shooting for me is about capturing the moment and allows me to document the life around me. As an observer of life, I turned my photo projects into stories that tell the audience the importance of the subject. I hope to continue in life as a photographer, telling people my stories one photograph at a time.

I am an experienced photographer based in the DFW area. My style of shooting varies from models, to events and concerts. I love to tell the story one frame at a time. Recently, I have worked independently at several lifestyle events, providing coverage photos from the event’s sessions to photographing the closing parties.