Event Rules

General Behaviour

  1. Deal respectfully with all other festival goers.
  2. If in doubt see point 1.
  3. We don’t really have a point 3 as this is an event for adults and we don’t expect to have to specify how to behave with other adults any more than we should have to specify a no nuclear explosions policy. For any other issues see points 1 and 2.


  1. There is absolutely NO photography allowed at the event except by the events official photographers. If you are caught taking pictures you will be asked to delete any images you have taken and then to leave the event.
  2. All shows will be photographed and filmed. If you are not comfortable to be photographed even incidentally as part of the audience do NOT choose to sit where you will be likely to be in shot. There will be a line on the floor to indicate the areas where you will likely be in shot.

Play evenings

  1. Respect people’s play space and don’t enter into or infringe upon anyone’s scene.
  2. Don’t do stupidly loud things next to people’s quiet scenes.
  3. Don’t be a dick in any other way, even if it’s not mentioned here.
  4. Point 3 again only in a louder voice!