After the now defunct LFotAoJRB folded in 2013 when it was abandoned by the then organiser, that seemed to be it for a rope festival in London. There was no festival in 2014. But a group of rope enthusiast friends thought that it would be a cool idea to have a new festival of rope art and performance. A new festival with a new outlook and a shorter, easier to remember acronym!

So together with Garry Van Der Horne who’s original idea it was to create a festival of rope art in London and incidentally the owner or the Resistance gallery in London’s Bethnal green a small group of us decided to put together a brand new Festival for rope art in London the London Festival of Rope Art. The LFRA!

The team behind the LFRA is…

  • Jack Whipper
    Rope lover (top) educator and performer.
  • Will Hunt
    Rope lover (top) and performer.
  • Rope Jester
    Rope lover (top) and educator
  • Opalfruit
    Rope lover (top)
  • Zombie Fairy
    Rope lover (bottom)

From WykD Dave & Clover.

We have decided to take a step back from organising the LFRA to concentrate on travelling, teaching, performing and having fun with friends around the world.

We wish our friends every possible success with the festival.

We hope to see you all there.