Selection policy

Application process

  1. Fill in the form
    At the time we’re taking applications specific forms will be made available for presenters performers etc.
    When someone first applies to the LFRA they will be asked for some basic information about themselves and their history along with examples of their experience and work. For performance this will include video footage of them preforming live and three references.
  2. Short lists
    All the organisers of the event asses the applications and put them in order of merit. At this time while reviewing applications we also do web searches, search for other video of the performers other than that submitted in their applications to get the best possible overview of them.
  3. The short list
    We compile a short list from all the selections of individuals with the most commonly and highly placed at the top of the list. It is always the case that not everyone can be accepted and often the deciding factor between applicants is very fine.
  4. References
    Referees are contacted and directed to a form with a series of questions about the applicant. All references either nominated by the performer/presenter or sought by ourselves are treated in the strictest confidence.
  5. Reference review
    We review references on a case by case basis. It is obvious that everyone will put their best face forward when selecting their referees therefore we do not always accept references on face value. We may either ask for additional references or independently request third party opinions. We also consider the reputation, skill and experience of the referee (where it is known to us) as a factor in looking at the validity of references.
  6. Provisional acceptance
    The top selected applicants are then sent a provisional acceptance letter where they are asked for more information on themselves, images for the website and promotion and deal with any scheduling problem necessary before announcing performers and teachers.
  7. Acceptance
    Once this review is complete we notify the successful applicants of their acceptance and announce them via this site and social media.


There are many factors that we have to take into consideration when selecting people to appear at the festival. We consider not only skill and experience but appropriateness for the festival as a whole, and the need to select a variety of performance styles and educational subject matter.

It is an unfortunate reality that some applicants will be disappointed but this is not necessarily a reflection of their merit in an absolute sense, it may be that they do not fit within the whole of the line-up for this year. We hope that applicants not accepted one year will not be discouraged from applying again in the future.

While no vetting process is perfect we make every effort to properly check out performers and presenters. This is the procedure we follow at the moment and we apply this procedure to all applicants even where the organisers know them personally.

All references are treated in absolute confidence.

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